Work in Progress—Reading Series

7 O’clock sunday, february 19th

Scheduled to read:

Suzanne Guillette Author of “Much to Your Chagrin”
a writer and occasional storyteller, Suzanne’s work has appeared in Tin House,Self, O Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, and Time Out New York, in addition to other publications. Suzanne teaches autobiography and memoir-writing. Suzanne Guillette

Cat Tyc
a poet/video artist/director. Her work has screened in galleries & festivals in Seattle, Portland, NY, Berlin and London and aired on MTVu and LOGO. Her poetry has been featured in various anthologies and zines. She is currently making a documentary about style and economy and adapting a narrative film script to the stage.  Published in ShampooPoetry 

JD Scott
a Brooklyn-based writer, poet, and designer. His work has appeared in Poetry Miscellany, The Albion Review, The North Central Review, and elsewhere. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Moonshot, a literary and arts magazine.

Moonshot | @moonshotmag |moonshotFB

Robert Anasi

His new book, ‘The Last Bohemia: Scenes from Life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’ will be published in August. He is currently writing about crime and violence on the U.S-Mexico border. Robert Anasi

Douglas Turner

a freelancing Cultural Observer hungry to be of service to society.  Curator—Impresario—Writer—Improv’r.  Currently working on a book of essays, and short stories dealing with being the child of several generations of an otherwise predictable American experience—that is no longer so predictable.

A big thanks to Esther Bell for the use of the West… There’s no such thing as enough creative space!

The West is a Beer, Wine, & Espresso bar in East Willliamsburg|379 Union Ave., L train Lorimer Stop (across the street from our Barcade friends)


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