What About Process?

Last night  at the restaurant, I heard from a gentlemen whose manuscript had just been rejected for the sixth time.  I pat him on the shoulder and jovially said to him, “Oh, you mean you’re six times closer to it getting accepted?”  His eyes immediately lit up, and a big grin came across his face.  I reminded him of some kind of truth.  I suggested he have the intention to continually shift his perspective to the process.

We are a culture, focused on the outcome.  So many great accomplishments have we, it becomes hard not to always have such a perspective.  Technology, medicine, even fashion—we are rich with materialities.  If we want something, we can press a button and have it shipped to our door by the next day.  If we want to become something, we can go to the internet and search for others who have already become that.  We can go and find their accomplished works, and ingenuity. We see what they have created—the finished product.

Yet how many times have we also heard the story of the published writer, whose manuscripts rejected countless times before succeeding at publishing.  Or, the scientist who makes a great new discovery… we focus on the discovery, and not the fact that it may have taken her a decade to produce the proof that merely validates reason to further study?

Take a look at the Process Perspective, it will expand your outlook, appreciation, and tenacity!

*Art work by Leah Shea.  a 20×20 poster titled  SOSO MUCH.  Visit LeahShea.Com


  1. Hi Douglas! This is great. It reminds me of the Alan Watt’s video on music. We don’t emphasize the end of the song – music is meant to be played, a proces. It’s a joy to simply play, craft, and create. And we bring forth what is in “the future” if we are present and actively flowing, creating, and moving with what is. Great post!

  2. Thanks Jeremy! And yes, if anything else there is tremendous joy in process… The beauty of ones practice! I wonder if said Alan Watts video is on YouTube?

  3. Thanks for this little piece of inspiration. I was looking for an image to inspire my students on a post I’m publishing on process and came across this. I like it when I find colliding lines of information from disparate sources–of which this is one. I am preaching that everything is a sketch, and that helps loosen up on the demands of perfect, so stressful and ridiculous! Love the Alan Watts reference.

  4. Mission accomplished! Preach on, we’ll see so much more beauty flourish from the upcoming generations, if they understand that perfection is a big ol’myth!

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