Video: Pedro Calapez installing ‘broken line’ for his US debut exhibition at LYNCH THAM

On Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 at LYNCH THAM Gallery, Pedro Calapez created his broken line installation on the occasion of the artist’s United States debut Exhibition—”meadow-curtain-round-broken line.”

Following critically acclaimed exhibitions in Europe, meadow-curtain-round-broken line, offers a succinct overview of Calapez’s fascination with spatial relationships, landscapes, and the significance of ways of seeing. Details are critical in his work, as this exhibition presents an exercise in exploration and discovery, encouraging an awareness of the different possibilities of the gaze. In each work, Calapez enters into dialogue with the architectural context as he evokes everyday encounters and memories through fragmented, richly colored reflections about light, space and landscape.  LYNCH THAM

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