VIDEO: Artist Talk with Lucio Pozzi Diffraction Exhibition—NYU Casa Italiana in Greenwich Village NYC Autumn 2015

On October 5, 2015 at NYU Casa Italiana, Lucio Pozzi and poet Pellegrino D’Acierno launched their collaborative book “In The Fat Man Arpeggios” The evening was also the opening of Pozzi’s exhibition of his latest works, Diffractions. One of our favorite Lucio quotes from the evening “We are in an epoch in which the art world is affected by a virus, which is the virus of explanation-itis, and I am attempting to revisualize visual art.”

AOT Project Salon received Pozzi first, in the Spring of 2015 and that summer Pozzi generously accepted an invitation to be a part of our 2015 Summer Exhibition, when we exhibited a piece from his Diffraction series.

“The Diffraction paintings are small works on board Pozzi started about 4 years in August In each he improvised, adding freely brushed demi-gloss acrylic areas onto a ground of crazy ‘Flashe’ vinylic gouache. The image is divided horizontally into two fields separated by a sharp edge. Each field has a mark Obtained by painting over a narrow masking tape line, the removal of Which Reveals a bar of the same color as the ground’s. The lines do not meet, yet reserved respond to one another. The endless variations offered by this simple format have led the artist to return ceaselessly to the theme every so often.” Casa Italiana

The Architecture of Tomorrow and its AOT Project Salon is a non-profit art and cultural organization in Brooklyn, NY.

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