Today I Make History

Today I will vote for all that is just and right. Today I will vote, not only for myself, but also for my mother Fannie Belle (Mackey-Meredith) Turner and her mother Ethel Mackey Vedder-Green and her mother as well, and her husband – my grandfather who I never knew. I vote for my paternal Grandmother Mrs. Helen Adele Freeman Turner and Grandfather William Josia Turner I – he too was layed to rest before I was born, and their daughters Henrietta Adele Bradley and Helen Hoban. I vote for my mother’s brother Leonard Meredith and my maternal Great Uncles Joseph and Zedebe Mackey.

I vote for all of my kin and all of those who lived a particular existence that denigrated theirs. I vote for every black man, woman, and child who lived and died in oppression. I vote for every one of my people who were enslaved or born into slavery. I vote for a new America which will struggle to learn a new kind of governance, I vote with a good concious for all Americans.

Most of all I vote for any peoples in the world who have known injustice, oppression, racism, genocide, or famine; the rode’s end might be faraway; jarring, asperous, and unequal – and you may never know the calm that comes after a stormy sea, but someone of your kin, like me, will see that day finally ushered in. And although, there will be many more storms to endure, I vote today to become stronger for what may come. I vote today so that someone of my kin will know a better humanity, and better world.

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