Cultural Navigation Disrupted; BigThink on Tips for Innovators

Three Tips for Innovators: Move Nimbly, Open Wisely and Fail Gracefully | Input/Output | Big Think

Whenever we travel some place new we take a map.  Vaitheeswaran essentially says we’re entering in to a time of global disruption.  What is being disrupted?  Read the article, and you’ll see why I suggest that it is our  “Cultural Navigation System” that is being disrupted. The most innovative times in cultures across the globe, has been in response to a need and desire.  What gave rise to innovation, is also what thrusts us in to some place new, disrupting our learned way of navigating our entrepreneurial creativity.   Vijay gives us three points to follow: 1) Move Nimbly 2) Open Wisely 3) Fail Gracefully.  Being innovative requires taking risks.  The first risk is doing something you’ve never done before—traveling unchartered territory.  These 3 points I see as practical guide posts on a map.

Vijay Vaitheeswaran surveys the landscape of the global economy and sees “wicked problems,”… And yet, Vaitheeswaran is an optimist. He argues you can find “enormous opportunities for profit–you must move nimbly, open wisely and fail gracefully.”

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