Thoughts On Obama’s Healthcare Reform Speech

Last evening Obama gave a speech on the need to unite for the cause of Healthcare Reform. Yet again he raised the benchmark on communication and anyone who watched or listened to our President speak on the need for Healthcare Reform should now be up to speed and possess the ability to ask the right questions. And of course his charisma combined with the optimism that things are actually changing for the best in our country was exhilarating.

His speech was compelling in that it pushed through crucial information and boldly challenged the work of fear mongers. The art of communication is of utmost importance during times of change whether discussing war time, changing fiscal matters, or–finally–21st Century Reformation.

Regardless of the duel between the two major political parties both play a role in shaping our future. To those of us who are progressive in thinking it is easy to associate the Republicans with stagnation and the status quo. However, we have also seen ways in which Democrats have remained in a business as usual way of political decision making. Both parties it can be said, struggle in some way or another with embracing the future with forward thinking. It is a lot to ask of anyone it is also necessary and this is why exceptional leadership is so crucial at this moment in time.

As I watched Obama’s speech to congress on, I also payed close attention to the body language and reactions of his audience. As I am sure most of us notated, it was a lot like watching a sports arena. Were it differed from that perspective is the result of a carefully orated presentation that gave just as much attention to unifying ideas as it did opposing.

As a result, this gave the public a chance to see just how at odds congress is over this. I shall remain optimistic, however, not to a fault. That being said I am ever so excited to be a part of an awakening collective conscious. However, watching this program got me to contemplating about that 51% mark where things really start to change. When you think about what the Republican party stands for and when you see it emanating in the form of ‘stubbornly clinging to that oath’ you begin to realize what a challenge it will be to get to that last mile of the 51%.

The Republican party formed in large on an old bitter divide. Not wanting change, not wanting unity–fearing and not knowing what their individual worlds would look like even though their individual wealth and outlook on life was much better than the majority. They owned the land, raw materials, and all aspects of industrialized business–production, transportation, and the fuel to energize it all. And so they as a party have chosen to hold onto old ways of doing government and business, as a way to protect these gains. The Republican Oath emphasizes the importance of the individual being self-reliant with minimal government involvement. It is that sort of individuality that encourages fear and greed because the future appears daunting and speculative. It is a vision that puts the future of a person like me in great jeopardy. Try as I may, I simply cannot afford health insurance. Sure, in 1852 a person’s future relied heavily on their individual actions, however, in the 21st Century, we are a strong and solid nation that is heavily influenced by the global. Today, the economy of China has an impact on our daily life, just as much as America’s own economy. Sure, we can decide to begin producing widgets to earn our individual living, however, take a look at the labels of the goods in your home… “Made in China”? China has the ability to produce widgets much more affordably than I can out of my basement. The individual can’t compete in the same ways anymore.

“We did not come here to fear the future. We came to shape it.”–President Obama

The essential services that provide quality of life cost comparatively more than what average income allows (credit cards don’t count as income). Our current system is ill-equipped to handle our new and arising challenges. We should equip ourselves with the latest shaping tools meant for today and tomorrow’s era.

And here we are again, America, at a tremendous crux much like the end of Feudalism. The transition that Traditionalists and Modernists endured, a grueling struggle highlighted by fierce devotion that manifested itself in War, Love, Hate, Music, Political Non-deference, and Spirituality. Having that history so near and dear to us is both a blessing and a curse. It is both encouragement to keep pushing forward, and, I believe, as expressed by Republicans–understanding things as one continuous battle of ideals, and a forced capitulation of these old ideals. Something like insisting on being allowed to continue using a rotary dial phone, in a digital age, simply as a matter of pride, because you invented the rotary phone.

As Obama spoke, the reaction or the staleness from the Republicans reminded me that in our current two-party political system, we remain Republican Vs. Democrats–we remain in an antagonistic relationship, we remain in a dual existence; ideals vs. ideals. In that two-party system then, one could say that the Republicans are slowly loosing the battle (for every 8 years they gain in office, they seem to loose credibility in one or more sectors of good governance). Watching Obama address Congress you could see in the Republicans, now more than ever, have a tight-fisted grip-of-fear on these out-dated ideals. I got the sense that they more than any of us realize that this crux does not stand alone and is the latest of battles that connote the end of an era and the beginning of a new. Arms folded and eyes rolling like marbles, the Republicans seemed annoyed and disinterested whenever Obama pushed the boundaries of his Modernist existence. For the rest of us, when he pushes those boundaries we feel his charisma; that incredible optimism that has you sitting at the edge of your chair. That sense that real change is so close we can finally taste it. The opportunity to be unified and strong.

The subject of Healthcare Reform as an issue of concern has made tremendous progress in grabbing our Nation’s attention (politically and publicly) over the last 15 years. It is an issue that continuously engulfs more and more Americans in an adversarial relationship. It is encouraging to know that issues such as Healthcare Reform have finally reached a pinnacle point; that political leadership (more recently Edward Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Obama) has succeeded in making a long-time issue–since Roosevelt in 1912the foremost of political concern.

We are in and becoming Global despite any of our political philosophies. The estrangement of outdated modes of operation will make the difference between collapsing in on ourselves destructively or collapsing forward and unified towards the future. Global constitutes Oneness, and in that singularity exists a greater dependence on the whole. This is not a matter of weakness or a show of power over the individual, quite the opposite, it is a matter of strength and global continuity.

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