The Whole Pie

The time is ripe for people to get it together by getting together. And if early history lessons hadn’t been assembled by a corporate influenced government you might recall a time when this great nation was rising to its industrial power – gasping and heaving forth, the working class up in arms and the wealthy scheming, gouging, and gorging on the sweat and blood of the masses. You might think a simplified reason for the hunger and poverty that citizens and immigrants new and naturalized experienced. You might think that there was too many of them and not enough work. Surely, you must know the story of the Robber Barons – by the name of Astor and Morgan, Carnegie and of course Rockefeller. They made millions while the rest of America worked for pennies. But in the 1800s they didn’t sit and take it, like we do know… they organized, forming a resistance. Despite being broken down, beaten up, and otherwise squashed by a government backed a corporate Gestapo – each decades battles opened the door for a stronger resistance, until finally we got the eight hour work day, better pay and could spend our money how and where we chose. Women fought, men fought, Blacks, Italians, Chinese, Poles, and Italians and Germans all fought corporate tyranny.

The thing the Robber Barons feared the most was solidarity; the thing the government and corporations of today fear the most is our solidarity. Our current political system is the greatest anti-solidarity agent this soil has ever seen. Republicans have their aims and Democrats too, along with the Greens and Working Family. The latter three, more likely to align, however, work for and against one another, leaving Republicans everyone on the right, perhaps hitting some bumps, nevertheless more cohesive. If it isn’t political alignment thwarting us from toppling over the aristocratic rule of law, I would say then the time consumed by fighting over that little piece of pie for hundreds of years certainly has.

It is false to think that anything given by the government to a people of a certain group over all others has any permanence. Economic growth came by dragooning a rebellious people, yet generations have known the same poverty. While the administration was at the front door of an association with a ragged bird and crumbs of stale bread, someone – whether a corporation or another arm of the government – was at the back door stealing their milk. And when the government was giving without taking, you had better believe that your neighbor to the right looked on with bitter envy; what they snuck out of your back door they came right through his parlor to get. But you knew just how he felt because when the neighbor to the left was in your shoes, you were the overlooked Black, women, the Irish, or the Chinese. Yet here we are today still fighting over a bird, perhaps a little less ragged, and crumbs of bread perhaps not as stale.

Unless all, as a people, have equality, we lack any real lasting advancement.

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