The Lower East Side Girls Club—18 Years of Perseverance Pays Off BIG TIME!

Lower East Side Girls Club

Last evening the Lower East Side Girls Club hosted a beautiful gala event.  Attendees were treated to a tour of the $20 Million facility, as well as performances by the Girls Club Choir and Step Team.  I was the guest of Bee Tham of LYNCH THAM Gallery, also of the Lower East Side.  With all the tours completed, guests were escorted to the beautiful outdoor space and the Kiki Smith Fountain received its dedication from delighted Girls Club co-founder Lyn Pentecost.

Lower East Side Girls Club

The Lower East Side Digital Arts Program Studio

The event was hosted by Eric Shiner, Director of The Andy Warhol Museum, and board members Sara Tecchia, Rachel Weingeist, Lisa Fox, and Nadine Peyser.  Groundbreaking for a Ludlow Street Andy Warhol Museum (NYC satellite) comes this spring, and Shiner looks forward to a long-term relationship with the Lower East Side Girls Club.  This is The Girls Club’s first permanent home, and is located on Avenue D between 7th and 8th Streets.  Yes indeed, LOISAIDA has changed, and evolved.

Created 18 years ago to fill a huge gap in services and opportunities for girls aged 6-23. The club began operating out of living rooms, basements, and any available open spaces on the Lower East Side because no such programs existed!

Lower East Side Girls Club

Future Music Maker at the Lower East Side Beats by Girlz Space

Across from Tompkins Square Park, there’s the last remaining Boys only club… all the rest officially opened up to girls, becoming the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Lower East Side Girls Club

The AirStream Sound Room

Local Mothers disappointed with the lack of opportunities for girls and young women took matters into their own hands.

Lower East Side Girls Club

Digital Photography Studio

18 Years later they have succeeded in creating one of the most amazing spaces in all of New York City.  Amazing for its design, and more importantly phenomenal programing.

Lower East Side Girls Club

Bedazzled Piano

Still their work is not done… Adriana Pezzulli implored the philanthropic crowd of givers to consider long-term support.

Lower East Side Girls Club

BioBase Program Director, Latasha Wright, Ph.D. introducing the STEM Programs to one of multiple tour groups.

Folks, they have a PLANETARIUM, million dollar biology equipment, the list of amazing opportunities for girls goes on.  Mark my words, The Lower East Side Girls Club is becoming a stronger foundation for future A Listers across multiple platforms.  Bee, you were right… I am completely inspired!

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