The Greatest Crime Committed…

It is with great sadness that I tell you that once again Americans and their best interests have once again been sold down the river. With this bailout package bill passed, you’ll continue to see more of the same. More foreclosures, more bankruptcy, more bank failures, insurance company failures, poor stock market performance, continued increase in unemployment. This will not fix anything on “Main Street”. The food shortage crisis will continue at an ever-increasing pace, while the top ten percentile – in terms of income – will continue on their path and the gap between us and them ever growing. You wont find jobs sprouting up in your struggling community, nor will you see homelessness or hunger or education or health care get the fiscal attention they deserve – they’ll say with the bailout package we’re too fiscally challenge to provide for you anymore… all the while the rich fat cats keep getting their bonuses and million dollar salaries. An ideological revolution starts with you, a revolution of fundamentals starts with us “We the People”! I think it is time to begin a change from the bottom up.

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