Stik “Liberty Project” Lands in New York City

[Cover Art: The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2014]

STIK is a U.K. based graffiti artist whose work is very hot right now.  The artist who at one time found himself homeless, now boasts work collected by Elton John.  The “Liberty Project” signature piece has already been installed on the corner of Avenue A and East 9th Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  A 50ft mural, “Liberty” raises one arm in a gesture of solidarity to the artists, activists and outsiders who occupied Tompkins Square over the years.  “Liberty Project” opens on December 12th, at 5pm at Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village, a gallery that focuses on Street Art, Latino, and artists who have called the East Village home since the 70s and 80s.  The show is STIK’s first NYC solo show.


Liberty Mural, East Village, NYC 2013

As an artist he as worked with organization such as Amnesty International to Queeruption.  In November, Artlyst reported that one of his works had recently been stolen. An important piece of London Street Art by Stik valued at up to £20k has been stolen from a Dulwich location.


The exhibition will showcase sketches of the Liberty mural, as well as Canvas works, drawings, printed material and sculptural work in copper and granite bring depth to this site specific and visually arresting exhibition.  The exhibition will also be the exclusive release of ‘The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2014’, featuring STIK’s cover art.