Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition

On Tuesday, April 2 the Museum of the Moving Image hosted yet another styled opening reception.  It isn’t hard for Moving Image to host great parties, given the museums recent reno and expansion by architect Thomas Leeser.  The transformation of the space is one of the brightest designs in New York City.  You feel as if you’ve stepped into the future elements always visually communicated in film and television.  There is a seamless transition between the original building and the substantial addition, with sharp angled walls and glass, reflective glass, and stairwells that transport from scene to scene.  It is the perfect setting for the Spectacle exhibition with its stark white walls, and bright red accents for the exhibition, creating an immediate sensory of excitement.

With over 30 years of music video history, it is the first exhibition of its kind.  At the opening I had the pleasure to speak with Wendell Walker, the Deputy Director for Collections, Exhibitions, and Design, who said of the exhibit’s amazingness, that it is only recently that we can look back, and see what we’ve been doing in moving music images.  The exhibition succeeds at presenting a sense of wholeness, from the moment Music Video was coined, to the low-tech genius of groups like DEVO, the artful techniques of BJORK and her team of creatives, to the extreme epic-ness of Kanye.  And then there’s the dizzying complexity and down right fun of OK go’s “This too shall pass.”

The Music Video is organized by the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and curated by Jonathan Wells and Meg Grey Wells of Flux. Exhibition design by Logan