Shock the Buzz—Ahead of the Trend, and in the Conversation

How you present yourself, your small business, or non-profit on the web is equally as important as your business itself.  Millions of businesses have traded in their Yellow Pages for blue pages (the most popular color choice of brands on the internet).  Now that you have your FaceBook fan page, blog on your website, and a twitter account—what do you do with all of these time consuming opportunities? How do you engage your subscribers and followers?  And woe are your efforts if you can’t be Googled!

First off, your content says so much about what you and your business stand for.  Social Media is about creating a conversation; fully participating in culture.  Are you still merely pushing your wares, or are you making the sincere effort to engage your listeners?

Your clients are just as savvy as you are.  Notice that the door-to-door salesman has gone the way of horse and buggy?  Oh, but you say you’re not hawking junk?  You know you are working for a worthy cause?  Or you have something really useful to share?  Let me ask you this: (feel free to reply in a comment) Have you ever been in a social situation where the other person shows absolutely no interest in what you may have to say, but just keeps on their soap box?  Yes, maybe you found something useful in what that person was saying, but will you look forward to listening to their lecture again?  Don’t you get more out of a conversation, when its a two way street?

Ladies and gentlemen, and all those in between, culture is evolving at a rapid pace and one such route is via the internet.  That said, folks have become more savvy to the internet—a necessity to navigating through the cacophony of voices—businesses simply hawking their goods are going the way of the door-to-door salesman.  I believe that a significant portion of the internet is moving towards the a new trend of transparency.  People are demanding more trust and security.  You can give them this, if you give them the chance to get to know you.

Talk with you soon!

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