Prepare Your Child for THEIR Future–rather than for your present experience

The future is very rarely, if at all, a pre-determined destiny. I prepose the spelling of the word “future” be amended to always end with a question mark–even if it appears mid-sentence. The word has in fact one of the most opened ended connotations amongst our lexicon. Although it points to a particular direction in time, it is always in motion–never ending and undetermined. It is unfastened in every sense of being undeterminable purely by the present, most importantly, it reminds us of the limitless potential, unbound imagination, and is license to create. Most words will always mean the same or eventually prefixed; we must keep them in motion, whereas future never ceases. If it does, it means we are dead, and any contemplations cease as well. Certainly there is fear attached to the unknown (death), however, becomes unhealthy when fear leads to a worrisome approach to the future. While no one should approach the idea of future blindly, rather with a particular trepidation which implores the citizen into the necessary pro-active role. The parent among all other citizens has the responsibility of being proactive.

The parent who is consciously aware of their child rearing practices more of the time than not, would hopefully take note with utmost specificity when their conditioning; experiences of the past and present, is their golden rule of practice. Existing knowledge is what traditionally the role of teach is based upon, and is practical, however, only to the extent of acknowledgement that there are always new possibilities to solve the equation–that the equation is based upon knowledge which comes from already had experiences and with new experiences, comes new knowledge and thus the possibility of a new equation. This is not because the integers come to equal something new on their own, rather because the integers themselves may change in value and/or new integers may come to be seen necessary to add to an original equation. I am no mathematician. Logical reasoning guides us through each day, however, implies a collective, purposive action and is never a stagnant operation. It requires constant daily review.

Why would we ever raise our children with a fixed set of ideals? This is never an act of selflessness. Failing to recognize this difference is dangerous as closed minded individuals who do all within their power (unconscious or conscious of the effort) to raise their own with anything but ‘a potential for a Universal Code’ of (in the direction of) Oneness. Life is full of possibilities–we must be at the level of awareness whereby the parenting role literally becomes known in a new authentic way; redefined,teaching a child that he or she may always have free license to be creative. To always have a proactive role in creating the future.

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