Our Built-In Cultural Mechanisms (i.e. Cultural Buzzwords)

When did America begin its ‘decadent’ decline? 4 theories

Generally I steer away from sharing “more bad news,” however, I feel this story supports an idea that would suggest that now is a good time as any to contemplate ways in which we’ve been culturally practicing a dualistic relationship to life.
1) Read these theories as our self generated symbols or signs
—Our very own call to action from ourselves to ourselves.
2) Remember that we are not merely subjective witnesses. (We play a very active part)
3) You asked: “Please give me a sign!” (They’ve been here all along)
4) Remember, creativity is in response to something. The epidemic of cultural inertia that we are experiencing is our inability to recognize the sum total:
—If our culture is languishing, it is not “this, that or the other thing” its all of it.
—Read through these brief theories and look for at least one commonality… (Hint: Integrity) Ok, that was more than a hint.
—When I say creativity is in response to something, I mean Everything. But it is our tendency to deconstruct and divide. And viola!, confusion ensues with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and creativity is stymied.
Just as we are more than subjective witnesses, what we are witnessing politically, economically, etc is very subjective. The heads and influencers of said institutions are far from being unscathed by this very same inertia. In each of the given examples in this article I see a lack of integrity. You don’t lose integrity after the fact, you either never had it to begin with, or lost it along the way. Either way loss of integrity comes first, and then you forsake better judgement. Know also the antonym to integrity, division. Each of these examples speaks of division in sum total—deconstruction, discord, lack of unity; Duality.
Think about it. Think about all the times we as individuals have forsaken our integrity. Its like a self-inflicted wound that creates fear and then inhibits us from acting out in real freedom. And that is inertia, whose seemingly opposite is decadence.
Some quotes from the article:
We became a nation of servers, not makers. Sure, for a while we can use our dwindling paychecks to buy the cheaper TVs and laptops we import. But soon we’ll buy ourselves out of jobs, like the Romans did. Getting “sacked by Visigoths” won’t be far behind.

If America is broken, “I heard my first unmistakable crack a bit more than 10 years ago, when a colossally corrupt U.S. Supreme Court” threw the 2000 election to George W. Bush in an “ineffably dimwitted” ruling, says P.M. Carpenter at his blog.

But to me it came at some point between “Congress’ assent to torture in 2006” — when we abandoned so many of our long-valued principles —

There are lots of reasons “America in 2011 is Rome in 200 AD or Britain on the eve of the first world war” — in other words, an “empire at the zenith of its power but with cracks beginning to show,” says Larry Elliott at The GuardianMost of them have to do with money or America’s “advanced state of cultural decadence.

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