Open Your Eyes—Pedro Calapez at LYNCH THAM

Pedro Calapez LYNC THAM Art Opening New York City

The Gaze, you could say, is who we are not what we do.  It is called the ‘gift of sight’, because it is amazing to see all of This unfolding.  Loss of vision and memory are traumatic as these actions validate what we are, and what we’ve been busy doing.  The timeless question: Who or what is doing the witnessing?  I Douglas, certainly have a perspective culled from my individual experiences, but I alone have made nothing.

Pedro Calapez broken line LYNCH THAM

Pedro Calapez broken line, 2014. Indian ink on industrial bricks. Set of 100 bricks, variable dimensions

For Pedro Calapez’s opening at LYNCH THAM, attendees witnessed the making of his “broken line” installation.  Beginning as a parallel line-up of bricks, each tightly packed row is traced with a wide black (Indian-ink) strip, the set of 100 bricks is then arranged sans narrative into varying formations.  The rest is left to witnessing perception happen.

Pedro Calapez Meadow LYNCH THAM

Pedro Calapez Meadow 02, 2014. Acrylic on aluminum, set of 9 panels 137 x 235 x 37 cm
52 3/4 x 84 1/4 x 14 1/2

The show features new works, and the exhibition marks the regarded Portuguese artist’s United States debut.


meadow | curtain | round | broken line

LYNCH THAM 175 Rivington

On view through November 2nd