J.Krishnamurthi—How Can We Bring About a Good Society? Public Talk#7

I wanted to share one of J.Krishnamurthi’s historical talks. He goes into how we are involved with thought and analysis when we inquire into the journey. There is a science to contemplating the future in such a way that you are truly free from the experience, the past, the emotions. Most importantly, he speaks on the distinctions between thinking the mind to clarity, and the powerful position in meditation of Absolute stillness, and timelessness—the Ground of Being.

When we use the word ‘mind’, it is not your mind, or my mind – mind. Because your mind is like the mind of thousands and millions of people. Right? Striving, struggling, demanding, following, accepting, obeying, idealising, belonging to some religion, sorrow, pain, anxiety, your mind is that and the other minds are like that. Right? So your mind is not yours. It is the mind. I don’t know if you see this. You may not see this because your vanity, your sense of individual importance may prevent this observation, which is actual. Right?


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