is our destiny to become ADD to the max? | Worlddigitallibrarian’s Blog

is our destiny to become ADD to the max? | Worlddigitallibrarian's Blog

Interesting post on the “Myth” of ADD and the interconnectedness with the digital age of hyper-technology;web 2.0 and beyond….

Here is an interesting article of the NYTimes about the possible of hyper-technology to the human brain and our social relationships:

Even if it’s a mere narrative, kind of superficial, the impact of hyper-mediation has been widely explored by academics and intellectuals. Here are a few titles:

I believe it’s important to research how technology interacts with self and our social systems and to maintain a humanistic outlook about our digitalized world.

To which I responded:

From an Enlightenment perspective there is nothing wrong. I’ve been contemplating about the seemingly over abundant diagnosis of ADD and the medications to follow. It is only in our human experience when and where problems arise. By simply being and participating in culture today, we create new challenges or problems to solve tomorrow. It can be said that our pursuit of technology is the perfect example of this.

Somewhat inexplicably, ADD is on the arise and this could be for many reasons. However, through engaging with it instead of (a person who thinks they have ADD) passively dealing with it or ignoring it, we will come to a new understanding of the phenomenon of the diagnosis, more importantly, it could lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the effects of the technology we create and use. In short–if more of us were super focused, advances in evolution would occur and then the new challenge created would be to access this hyper-focused attention without the use of drugs. Much like western spiritual seekers who experimented with mind expanding drugs–shared what they learned, and expanded the western conscious in the process. I know that is a wild statement, however, here we are evolving beyond western transcendentalism.
Key to this is our karmic footprint if you will. The process of development must be a conscious choice. An example would be if we created a culture of selfish addicts, as opposed to a culture of wellness. If we engage with these issues for purposes of wellness, as you have, we come to a greater understanding. on CULTURE.

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