In Defense of Utopia

I imagine a life free from the burden of cultural inheritances. Free from the constraint to belong to something hinged on truth that is not Absolute, free from the guilt of not wanting to belong to an idea of what it means to be a part of, as if that definition were what it meant To Be—the idea which binds us and is ultimately the outer. While not devoid of meaning, even so the idea, owing its relevance to, and therefore bows down to, the Inner.

The Inner, self reference point bar none, perhaps subconsciously unrecognized because it implies the surrender of identity born out of experience as ground for living. And when grounded in experience, fear of the unknown is invoked at the thought of letting go of all that which is already known. When the individual human life is culturally founded on identity, and identity is defined as the cumulative sum of all prior experiences; meaning… all else is non-meaning—nothing. However true it is Nothingness, the individual seeking identity within culture, utilizes the semantics of culture to define Nothingness. To s/he is presented a conundrum, and consequently has no trust or faith to deeply explore the bounds of meaning beyond non-meaning. When we constantly reference the experiential, our lives are dictated by someone else’s opinion.

Artist Maria Berrio “Las Tres Marias”; a DAJ curated exhibitor in the forthcoming Last Supper Salon September 18th 2010 held at 3rd Ward Bushwick Brooklyn.
Artist Statement: “… we understand that constellations were and will always be a self-made outcome of the imagination…”

When I imagine utopia, heaven on earth, I realize how insane it is to define who and what I really am on mere opinion. Creating the space to allow that realization, I am free today, right now. This Knowing is beyond—something other than—human experience, and pays no tiding to time, and in that timelessness suffers not the daunting attributes associated with abstract calculations of the future… because it is infinite, and the infinitesimal is Always, and hence always accessible.

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