In Conversation with Sculpture Bob Clyatt Sunday July 30th at Anthony Philip Fine Art

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In conjunction with closing day of the exhibition ‘A More Human Dwelling Place’ new works by sculpture Bob Clyatt, you are cordially invited to a timely reading and celebration of James Baldwin’s life and writings.

“In 1980, Clyatt spent much of the summer staying with James Baldwin in St Paul de Vence, France. Baldwin’s mentoring is evident, all these years later, in the unflinching sociopolitical criticism of these cultural landscapes, realized in a captivating form of contemporary sculptural relief. Artist Bob Clyatt and Douglas Turner, Social Architecture Critic and Founder, Architecture of Tomorrow, join together in a celebration of James Baldwin’s life and writing. Readings from Baldwin and those he influenced, on the final day of Clyatt’s solo show of sculptures, A More Human Dwelling Place.”

James Baldwin A More Human Dwelling Place Nancy Crampton

James Baldwin, New York City, 1976; photograph by Nancy Crampton

An American Literary Treasure
To say that James Baldwin has influenced my writing is an understatement. From the time that I first read Nobody Knows My Name I felt those flames, and on to his many essays to Giovanni’s Room, I’ve known in him I have found my literary hero. I hope you will join myself and Bob, as we read from a selection of Baldwin’s works.

Baldwin is that seeing eye, that knowing mind; his writings prophetic, daunting, comforting and unfortunately, also timely. All the more reason to immerse ourselves in his ability to translate our complicated cultural lives. The reemergence of right wing values, social movements like Black Lives Matter… we’ve been here before, Baldwin was there and in his work, we can find comfort, guidance, and the courage and knowledge to face our truths and rise to the occasion.

Douglas Turner

Excerpt From “A More Human Dwelling Place” Catalog Essay written by Douglas Turner

We live in a time of great disagreement and cultural upheaval. As the truth is revealed we see the consequences of our actions. Our lust for things and conveniences and the rush into a digital future is wreaking global havoc. Yet incredible technological advances have proven beneficial to becoming a more efficient society leaving a much smaller footprint. We see that many advances have come at a sacrifice and subjectivity of cultures whom we do not see. As Americans, we decry the 1%, yet we must realize that to some foreign lands we as an entire country are the global 1%. And that reaches to the depths of Baldwin’s ideas and Bob Clyatt’s Cscape Series, an obvious and direct critical approach eschewing the mystery of abstraction and freely engaging with a rational participation with the life we know today. It is this life we know that implicates us as active individuals in a constantly evolving landscape.

Bob Clyatt Sculpture Anthony Philip Fine Art Bushwick Brooklyn Art Exhibition

Cscape #41, hydrocal and Carrara marble, 2017

Artist Talk: “A More Human Dwelling Place”

Sunday, July 30th 5-6pm

Anthony Philip Fine Art

56 Bogart St., Bushwick

First Floor