Google cried out, “SECURITY!, SECURITY!”

PC WORLD “Google NSA Alliance Wash Post “Google Enlists NSA-Ward Off Cyber Attacks
NYT Google asks Spy Agency for Help
Miss G’s statement

*If you are not a fan of creative little stories, skip to the last paragraph to see my generalized view of what I think about all of this.

The Story of Miss G

Miss G ran a  Boarding House where activists and artists, every day people, great thinkers and anarchists alike gathered to create the future.  Many of the other Boarding Houses were sloppily managed, poorly maintained, and an overall drab environment-they were after the money.  Everyone loved Miss G, she was always fair and provided a place of solid structure that was organized, accessible, and ran efficiently.  Miss G’s mission imbued the spirit of “Down with the Man and up with the People… viva la’individual!”
Miss G, was a very smart person, and gave each of the residents invitations to share with friends.  As word got out about Miss G’s new approach, people began to pound at the door, “I want in, I want in!” They shouted.  Miss G was just as concerned for the needs of her boarders as she was of her self.   Soon the house grew to be so large, the flow of information was vast, the residents marveled at Miss G’s growing ingenuity as she kept reminding them that she was for the people.  Yes the future was being created for sure!

But then one dark night while all were fast asleep, save for the tech geeks, of course, there was a major breach, which jeopardized, Miss G’s now vast compound, and of course its residents.

“Help, help!” cried Miss G, “Call The Man, I’ve, We’ve been compromised!!!” “Help, help!”

So The Man came.  It was decided that while the Bad Guy got away, “we can help you to secure your beautiful compound”.  The Man gave all the residents the chills, but Miss G was getting desperate for her investment was at risk.  The Man has had his eye on Miss G’s compound forever always wondering what exactly is this Future they are “Creating” in there?

The Man explained to Miss G that they would help her by securing her perimeters, and by learning what tools Bad Guy had used to compromise the compound.  “I also suggest…” And now The Man was in ” I also suggest that you allow us to take a look inside…” Miss G looked nervous, “We must know the inside to protect the outside!”  “But what about the priiivacy of my boarders?”  “Oh, not to worry Miss G, we’ll be very respectful of their privacy.”

Inspection day came and those who really needed to “cleaned-up” their spaces.  The Man was very thorough, looking high and low for only he knew what.  Into the private quarters he would go “inadvertently” looking into a few drawers, and photos on the walls.  The anarchist and thinkers showed nervousness and concern respectively.  The everyday people really didn’t care, and the artists painted murals, and glued mixed media, to express their unhappiness about the day’s events.

Eventually, The Man set up a guard post in an inconspicuous spot.  Many of the residents expressed their distaste for The Man as the real compromise, some moved out, while most simply carried on. Miss G enforced a few new rules.  The residents, who needed to take such measure, became a bit more cautious of what they left hanging around or discussed in their private space.  Miss G kept on her innovative path, the residents continued to take healthy advantage of her innovations.  Together they continued to create the future.

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