Fire Island – The Unspoken, Part I

The Unspoken

Upon entering you do not notice the unspoken because, you are the newest member to board the island. You are a bit lost, a bit amused, and a bit in aw – but once you’ve settled in your cottage and return to the boardwalk for the Grande Tour – you then see the peace within the people; face not haggered, eyes wide and bright, always saying hello or at least a pleasant smile. True of man, women, tan, black, or white – no matter if there were two of you on a long stretch of boardwalk or a cacophony of voices, you were friend.

As a person who has been classified a minority – when you arrive in a place where everyone is like you , it is in all of its meaning a homecoming. All at once, you confirm your identity as you bask in culture’s mist. A culture that is yours – not to speculate, but in fact, the one to which you belong to.

Claiming My Masculinity

I can’t speak for women – only she knows her song. As a gay man casting anchor on a sacred island even though it may not be treated as such by every single visitor, it is: sacred and alive. Immediately I see, feel, taste, and touch my masculinity as I join a gathering of Roman Gods and Gladiators. One enters with pride, triumph and for some – majesty.

To be amongst men – and they the only members of your tribe; once again you find yourself basking. It is a matter of being with friends and like-minded people – to whom no bond is stronger. Like you, they are men and gay. And, regardless of the sign posted on the door that reads: On Vacation, you are still working hard behind that door. You are still working on peace with the self and peace in the community.

Perhaps if you take advantage of the early morning beach appointment – you will find plenty of spiritual space to let the mind wander and expound on thought. Veritably and depending upon how much spiritual space you need, on days like Monday and Tuesday – the entire day, sunrise to set, sand and ocean; the gateway to eternity – is yours. For those of you who cannot see this, you have come in falsehood and with too many objectives – as narcissist and as the perfunctory island cruiser. True the island may entertain in high glamour, but it also gives one the opportunity to put down your gloves, take off the armor, retract the façade – Roman Gladiator you are safe here. And only because of the company he chooses is the Gladiator free to lay down his armor – at last, at ease.

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  1. Douglas,
    Beautiful and intriguing prose, not surprisingly. Here's a line from “Fire Island,” under the second header “Claiming My Masculinity,” that I parsed and reconsidered. My dream and hope is that this line:

    “Like you, they are men and gay.”

    Will someday soon read as this:

    “Like you and me, they are people.” That the “they” in “they” is finally, simply, a resounding “us.”


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