Change and Why We Might Fear It

The drive towards perfection has permeated our relationship to the experience of life.  Have we forgotten, or ever really known, that all of this is only true upon mutual agreement?  As the creator you are free to introduce any element to the story, and all of your creations are subject to judgement.  Yet fear of judgement is no reason to halt or slow the process—it is the nature of this stage of manifestation’s perspective.

We fear change because of its unknown qualities.  Because in our familiarity with today we face a loss

Time Waits For No One

of navigation, if we change the status quo for tomorrow.  As a society we have grown comfortable with a way of knowing life, and the kind of changes we need to make will require us to let most of that go and simply be with the uncertainty… the imperfection of learning to walk again.

With authentic truth and judgement there is pure uncertainty.  Even at the very edges of the explosion that is continually giving birth to life, there exists no glance of future, only imagination.  The explosion is the birth of time, and all else that follows.  The only moment, for sure, is happening right now. Perfection is Nirvana. Yet if life is never-ending, Nirvana is limited only to our relationship to life—but life itself will always be imperfect. Embrace this, and embrace change.

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