REWIND: Intro to Express It Forward (3 min vids on Creative Practice)

When Ula Einstein and I began Shoot, Show, and Share for Express It Forward we knew what our intentions were, however, not what they would look like 100% in action.  It is our engagement with creativity in the raw.  I would say an important tenet of creativity is to always keep in mind that it is a messy process, it is supposed to be that way—it can be no other way.   Creativity requires trust, and a willingness to experiment.  We jumped right in to investigating the relationship with our (as in all of us) creative license; the things that we need to nurture, roadblocks to creativity, and habits to look out for.  All with the intention of  ‘getting out there’ with a fresh relationship to our creative processes.  Express It Forward is about creativity-in-motion—not just the talk, but the doing.   Now with three shoots under our belts, we thought it necessary to rewind and touch on the Who/What/Where/and Why of Express It Forward.

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