Express it Forward (3 min videos) Collaborating with Visual Artist Ula Einstein

I’m very happy to announce a collaborative endeavor with the multi-disciplinary visual artist Ula Einstein.  Ula is also a creativity coach.  Express it Forward is her philosophy and practice.  Einstein guides the dialogue using important tenets of Express It Forward.  In the dialogues we discuss how an individual might cultivate a creative perspective.  As a cultural observer my intention is bringing to the table, a wealth of examples and knowledge about the tendencies of cultures; the impersonal nature of this experience we are sharing.  Check back for new videos, better yet subscribe to the Express it Forward Channel on YouTube:

Express It Forward is the brainchild of Ula Einstein, it is a philosophy and practice designed to activate your creativity-in-motion. In this episode we address the nature of the comfort zone, and the challenge to move beyond it. We ask ourselves “what’s holding us back?”

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