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That’s right Ula and I are at it again!  Give a person an iPad, and a desktop loaded with iMovie, and they think they’re the head of their own production studio.  With their name spelled backwards, it’s off to change the world.  Perhaps we may not change the world, but a few minds would be nice.  This second video is “Stop Holding Your Breath.”  

What are you waiting for?  There could be any number of reasons we wait excessively to move on something.  I think what’s really important is that we recognize when we “breakdown”; holding our breath, so that is what Ula and I discuss in this episode of      Express it Forward.

If as they say, life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, is true—then we had better get ourselves equipped for the dawn of a new era.  When we are holding our breath, we are simply lacking confidence in our next move.  And, who could blame the person who just lost their job, of supposed security, and can’t seem to get back on track with things.  In this episode we only touch the surface.  However, what Ula could be suggesting is the need to understand our desires, and fears on a deeper level.  How deep?  That is up to you.  But this is a process, like all things.  You haven’t stopped moving, and evolving, neither are you participating in that process fully.  It’s like driving on a highway, without touching the steering wheel.  

What it means to Stop Holding Your Breath might be to pull over, look at your hands, or to have a co-pilot take the wheel.  The highway is still serving it’s purpose, but you are taking a pit stop, and also monitoring yourself.  You are taking the time to step back and get perspective.  If you can be o.k. with the fact that fear keeps you from it, you can then begin to breath because you begin to take steps which you now can readily identify as the opposite of fear.  The steering wheel isn’t so hot from the sun after all, and you didn’t cause the car to spin out of control either.  Relax, breath.  Stop Holding Your Breath.


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Ula Einstein’s “Daily Stimulator”


  1. Angela I can’t tell you how much I have to remind myself of just that… MOVE FORWARD! …and that’s how it goes, for every level of success that we achieve!

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