Express it Forward–Perfectionism (a tiny little box) [3 min Vlog]

Express it Forward is the brainchild of Visual Artist Ula Einstein.  The Vlog is co-hosted by myself, Douglas Turner.  We publish 3 minute vlogs; dialogues on keeping Creativity in Motion.  Something slowing your creative process down? Chances are Ula and I have or will address it in our powerful 3 minute talks!

In our latest vlog, Ula and I discuss perfectionism!  Perfectionism is not a standard.  Did you know that?  Perfectionism is a tiny neat little box, where not much happens.  Albert Einstein thought it mad to expect new results for a problem, when you’re using the same mind that created the problem in the first place.  Perhaps if you are creating for the status-quo, perfectionism might work… a tiny box is just fine.  But what if you are trying to go some place new?  New is unknown, and you’ll never get there waiting for perfection. A leader, a visionary; someone daring to go beyond the status quo, has to be willing to make mistakes!  Are you that person?

Latest Comments on YouTube:

“I enjoyed both the light touch and important message about creative flow in this short video from Ula and Douglas. Nicely done!” R. Lobe

“Every person can benefit from pondering on and acting on this. I’m going to show this video to the high school students I teach art to today. I’d like to learn from their comments.” G. Rabinowitz

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