Express It Forward—the HOW Conversation (3minVids on Creative Thinking)

Join Ula Einstein (Visual Artist & Creativity Mentor) and myself, as we get to ” the HOW Conversation” in the latest episode of her video series  Express It Forward.

In the last video we discuss the nature of intention, and setting your intention, along with the why and how.  Essentially we cover the HOW of putting your intention into action!

I’ll say this, and then you should just watch the video.  The mind is very powerful, and if left to its own devices can cause a lot of chaos.  Did you catch that?  The mind isn’t just one hunk of thinking mass.

You have what is called a self-aware choosing mechanism, that many other sentient creatures do not have.

You can choose what thoughts you focus on.  You can create the thoughts to focus on.  And in the HOW of following through with Intention, you are constantly coming back to what you have already recognized as a path of potential.  Over and again, despite what came of your day before or not at all… you come back to your Intention in words, and as we discussed previously—in Visuals.

Like chiropractic alignment, you snap back to your Highest Intention.  At first, you will probably extol a high degree of effort, but eventually you will cultivate more permanence of intention.  More than just positive thinking, you will have trained your thought process.  You will have re-routed its direction to a pattern that is generative.

I hope you enjoy the “The HOW Conversation.”  And if you’re curious enough try out what we are suggesting. Please let me know what thoughts around this approach arise for you.

I wish you every bit of success in your endeavors, together we can do this! —Douglas Everett Turner

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