Culture’s Tech-Petite; “Google+ Vs.” Debate

Weighing in on early critiques of g+… Most thoughts are from a very techie perspective, which is fine of course. Looking at it from a cultural perspective, I see what Brian Eno coined as “Scenius” (Scene+Genius=Genius embedded in a scene) going on: Every leap forward in culture (human dev.), was fostered between individuals who had a passion, intention, and backed that up with action. “fertile scenes involving lots and lots of people … thinkers, theorists…”, technologists, SEO folks… that list could keep on growing. 

Culture is hungry for web-based technology (Technology+Appetite=Tech-petite). The thing is, we’re not here to create an Atom Bomb, we’re creating/setting the standard for people to come together and share ideas, knowledge, passions, and fun. Whether or not it is successful, or to what degree it is a success google+ represents a jump into the next phase. 

Four Ways:
Social Media and the Web it is contained in touches us in four ways: I, It, We, Its; as Individuals (self), Behaviorally (brain and organism), Webs of Culture (shared values), and our Systems (visible societal structures, economy, resource management). Containing the qualities of 4 Quadrants is very unique and culturally powerful.
It seems obvious that there is something more going on in society than merely the debate: Facebook or Twiiter?, Facebook or Google+ and so on…

Something will surely come after google+, and what that will be depends upon how we use our time right now.

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