Cultural Observations–What’s New and What’s Old?

{This is a snippet of a larger piece, and part of the Whole. I chose to share this smaller contemplation because I am excited to be engaging Today, rather than waiting until, until}

Its Interesting how I’ve begun to see the usefulness of what is modern and leading technology–my act of devaluing the cultural appreciation for an antagonistic relationship to Ideas and Objects, even other people. In the end it is the ego that guides all “right and wrong” debates. Most of us have NO control of our Egos, therefore, the ‘Ego argument’ contemplation makes complete sense.

The appreciation for what is new has gone from practical and also on to include aestheticism. However, in both, old and new, I see inherent materialism qualities–in both I can see with great clarity the vulnerability of culture. So why move beyond? Again, because the Ego is fear based it doesn’t like to let go. Funny enough if it Lets Go, it would release you as well; the Ego would fall backward and you would project forward–tumbling as best you could manage. [And tumbling without the ability to see what is coming is no better than having your back to the inevitable “Tomorrow”]. Sorry, the Ego has been conditioned more than your Conscious, (thankfully?), this means its muscle is flexed and it wont be letting go of you anytime soon–the ego needs a body and mind to exist to its fullest promise. So that means, the only way out of that spin-cycle is to wrangle yourself from the hold of the Ego–a struggle as it were; a soft battle when Conscious becomes aware of itself within you and aware of Everything. And, you become Aware of Everything.
The Ego doesn’t like unguided, un-carved paths. It prefers familiarity, dredging you through the same drama year after year, day after day. To cling to the past, solely, without any want of the future is purely the dark work of the Ego. Scared, impish thing lurking in your thoughts. It wont even let go of them!
While appreciating the old, look forward to engaging with the new and unknown–That perfectly healthy balance[Cultural Key Words]. One might have a home completely furnished with old things, however, with up to date technology items–both practical and entertainment devices. Or you might have a complete state of the art super modern home, apartment, condo or “Loft”, yet dotted with old finds – “The ultra mod parlor or great room, decked out in ultra modern everything, except for the wooden furniture size Hi-Fi”. But these are simple material objects, in the deepest sense I am talking about where You fit into all of this.

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