Cultural Conditioning-What’s the Deal With Inertia?

Inertia. It really feels very personal, and yes the effects of inertia do show up in Joe’s or Laura’s life. I’m not one to take the wind from the sail, however, inertia is nothing personal and that is because it is a condition of culture. Meaning, you are not the only one. Inertia is a wide spread condition that comes and goes in waves within culture. And can you believe it?–this is simply what culture does through its aims of creation.

We, in our process of living, create and that something we create, creates more challenges. But from a very personal perspective, challenges feel and look more like problems. Every so often these challenges out match the Culture itself. Essentially, inertia sets in when the citizens of a culture are reluctant to adopt a new culture. We are living in such a period of human existence.

We adopt new culture quite frequently; human rights, politics, economics, environment–think of any issue within these subjects that required a new perspective, we adopted a new or different way of viewing things. Remember how excited we were for CHANGE when we voted Obama into office? What we didn’t count on is that our work has just begun. It takes nothing less than everything we’ve got to see a new perspective through. Even that push is nothing personal, it is just what needs to be done. A shift in perspective, the adoption of a new culture, is a necessary struggle. Like an ant who finds a golden nugget of food–the real struggle begins as he hauls it off back to the nest. I wouldn’t mind having the ant’s level of tenacity, they’re so determined.

That push to adopt a new culture is the struggle, the inertia we feel is that reluctance to adopt. Why are we reluctant? Because it feels personal, and when we take it personally up comes all those self-doubts and memories of relationships as a child. Yes, emotions are real, but if we keep this perspective in mind, that this is just how life plays out…. how culture continuously develop, it serves as a healthy reminder that we can choose how we deal with them. Why should we?

Culture is a structure shared between humans. Yes the structure is in some ways physical, but it is first a set of shared beliefs and ideas. What these shared ways of thinking are, is a level of consciousness. Culture is shared consciousness–the Collective Conscious. Consciousness is free of emotions. There’s no magic hooey here. It is scientifically simple. It is something commonly understood. So, when we devote too much time to contemplating the very personal or done in unhealthy ways, we leave very little to expanding the Collective Conscious. This is the process unfolding, it is simply how it goes, but at a certain point we have to overcome the reluctance to change. We have to not take life so personally, and see ourselves as a partof the equation.

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