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Know Thyself—A review of two shows; American Medium and Transfer Gallery

With all of these modern, overly-wrought convolutions of what “it” can be, it is no small wonder contemporary artists have been questioning and prodding how one’s identity can even be properly crafted with such diverse and complex means at their fingertips. By Andy Rolfes

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The Architecture of Tomorrow AOT Project Salon Douglas Turner Founder Director Cultural Critic New York City The Equal Education Initiative


Architecture of Tomorrow Campaign Launch Party Pangea Restaurant 178 Second Ave., East Village Monday, January 18th 7-10p This is going to be an amazing evening for everyone! The Architecture of Tomorrow is set to become a membership driven initiative and I couldn’t be more excited about this.

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The Launch of our Membership and Funding Campaign

UPDATE: On Martin Luther King Day—Monday, January 18th 2016 , we will launch our first major fundraising effort in the form of a crowdfunding campaign and membership drive! We hope that you will join us by becoming a member or making a one-time donation, READ TO FIND OUT WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD BECOME A MEMBER!

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The Architecture of Tomorrow—Art and Culture Douglas Turner Andy Rolfes Bitcoin Blockchain Rhizome

Blocking The Figure: How Bitcoin Could Lead To Greater Freedom

Andy Rolfes, AOT’s newest contributor, reporting on Rhizome’s “Blockchain Horizon” conference on October 22. Organized by Rhizome’s Artistic Director Michael Connor. Artists, critics, and entrepreneurs convene to discuss the cultural implications of Blockchain technology for publishing, licensing, and distribution.

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The Architecture of Tomorrow-Douglas Turner14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed Sent to Jail for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

Minority-Paranoia; 14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed Sent to Jail for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Muslim student, was arrested at his high school in Irving, Texas. He brought in a homemade clock… instead of being rewarded for his genius, he was accused of making a bomb. The Architecture of Tomorrow—Art + Culture Journal

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The Architecture of Tomorrow-AOT Project Salon Douglas Turner Like Clockwork Corinne Innis Xavier Basabe

Art and Activism; Corinne Innis Taking Aim at Police Brutality (Video)

WATCH THE VIDEO: Corinne Innis and Xavier Basabe will exhibit work at AOT Project Salon (159 Hope St., 11211). OPENING 9/8 6-9p. ON VIEW THROUGH SEPTEMBER 28th. The exhibition lends its title from the classic Kubrick cult film and was chosen by Innis as a means to express the lack of moral compass demonstrated by Police Officers, and to suggest anticipation as well dispelling the epidemic myth… this is pandemic, and a time for enlightenment.

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