Bloggers are People, People Evolve and so do Their Blogs

I will continue to post random bits on this blog page.  However, I have started a new cultural blog… “Douglas Turner–Culture“.  Primarily I am using my new blog as a place to put together a massive amount of research and writing on our present cultural conditionings–the order of things goes something like this:  I need to state my case: What is Cultural Conditioning?, Historical Examples, What does Cultural Conditioning Look Like (ie, Resentment, Narcissism)?, and How Do We Free Ourselves From These Binds?.  In addition, I will write a good deal on Moral Integrity.  I do not, however, claim authority on such matters and do understand that Theory, in practice and creation, no longer comes from One but from Many! And this is my cultural contribution, and contribution to culture.

Many of the post are rough drafts, however, this is me testing the waters.  I encourage your participation, in fact, without you I have no way to gauge. If you object, something seems unclear, or you agree or have a question… PLEASE comment, comment, comment!

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