Becoming; Notes on a Cultural Revolution

What does a cultural revolution look like anyways? Well, it begins when the individual acts for the sake of the whole. The group then participates in bringing about change. This is when real palpable revolution sets in, when things begin to change.

Throughout history, we have seen different examples of selfless acts at the level of cultural influence. Having said that, it will only be at the most profound level, which brings about ever lasting change. Life is energy that flows back and forth, too and fro; like waves of the Ocean, the rising and waning tides–that is the Ocean Alive. We are like that wave and I suppose if we were to step back and see ourselves as one as that wave appears to us, the ebb and flow pattern would easily reveal itself to us. Indeed, individually as separate human beings we flow together in culture, yet we give most of our attention to our sense of individual direction. Apparently chaotic, we go this and that way, do this and that thing. Still, this is like the body of water and is the Wave. Tiny droplets of water, to our eye, form together. I am sure that if there were a thing as big as Chiron–to It we are like tiny droplets of Human; a single rising tide of one species.

The aquatic revolution happens every time a giant wave crashes ashore, pulling out seaweed, washing away sand and stone, buffing the coral reef with heavy force. If every wave, even every droplet of water observed itself as single and separate from the whole–each wave, and every drop would lay claim to its thunderous arrival as its own volition, its own doing… its own Aquatic Revolution. Yet, we know better and understand that the path of water is as much due to its weight, but that many cosmic values influence the current. Gravity, planetary rotation, energy–these are all things that contribute to the force of nature, that a body of water represents. What we represent, at a sub level, is the Human Body–the force of self-aware animal that attempts to control all else. If energy is indeed the force behind life, then what we perceive as change–what we consider an individual act of volition that brings about revolution, is no more our individual choice than those droplets of water. Formed as one massive wave, singularly capable of influencing the direction and power of the Oceanic wonder, that makes up three fourths of Earth.

Indeed, inasmuch we are the species that possesses the trait of self-awareness, whatever we become Aware of–we harness its power and continue traveling the path of a deeper meaning. Meaning, like the wave, change will come as it always does, however, when we become aware of the rising tide, when we selflessly acknowledge–that act of volition– change will come at a deep and profound level. We will harness that power, that flow of energy. This is when a real revolution begins–when the many begin to flow together as one.

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