Bailout Bullshit!

George Bush said, paraphrasing, ‘We need to act immediately or this sucker is gonna go down!” (that is your head of state talking) Well, he was right you are suckers and you are either miffed and clueless, mad as hell, or laughing insanely because, either way we are suckers!

I think I will show random clips of this so called Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. By the way, it could take up to 7 years before we know if this plan is really going to work! (Who is laughing it up now? The Bush Family Regime, Cheney, Paulson and his Goldman Sachs buddies who, by the way, are already getting appointed to various committees and such-that must be the employment stimulation that’s included in this bogus act!)…

“Among other provisions added in the Senate was a tax break for movie and television production companies that shoot films in the United States. While some lawmakers denounced this as a pet project, Mr. Coble said it was important to his state. The Civil War epic film “Cold Mountain,” he recalled, may have been set in North Carolina but it was filmed in Romania.” New York Times “Reconsidering a Key Vote, Under Intense Pressure “By ROBERT PEAR, RAYMOND HERNANDEZ and CHARLIE SAVAGEPublished: October 3, 2008

We are all fools.

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