AOT Project Salon Spring Benefit and New Website Launch

AOT Project Salon Artist-in-Residence Program Spring Benefit The Architecture of Tomorrow Douglas Turner

I am very excited to announce the launch of and even more excited about the upcoming Artist-in-Residence Program Spring Benefit on Wednesday, April 22!

So far twenty artists have generously contributed works to the Artwork Lottery!  Lottery tickets will be priced at a mere $25 a piece, will be available to purchase online, and you select which work you would like to win!

Visit AOT Project Salon’s New Online Home!

Confirmed artists at the time of this release: Walter Robinson, James Romberger, Lucio Pozzi, Max Estenger, Steven Van Nort, Vito Desalvo, Emily Weiskopf, Craig Watson, Jackie Rines, Ian James Carr, Melinda Hackett, Lorenza Sannai, Mike Drury, Larissa Nowicki, Corinne Innis, Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Jody Morlock, Mariko Gianna de Vos, Xavier Basabe, Mary Jones and works from private collections including a signed 1972 Salvador Dali Ready-made!  We hope to have an exhibition of 25 works.