AOT Project Salon Launch Exhibition—Ian J. Carr Select Drawings January 16th

AOT Project Salon Launch Exhibition—Ian James Carr Select Drawings will be the Art Salon’s Inaugural Show

Douglas Turner AOT Project Salon Launch Exhibition Ian J. Carr


AOT Project Salon Launch Exhibition


JAN 16 6-9PM
159 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Gerrit Rietveld Academie trained sculptor Ian J. Carr will present a selection of his drawings.
My drawing is an extension of my sculptural work, what started as a tool for research has now reached its own autonomous state. I view my 2D work as constructions of line, surface, and gesture that coincide with my ongoing work as a sculptor. Ian J. Carr

On view through February 25th

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From Visual Art to Performance Art, “The Architecture of Tomorrow” Project Salon at The Wedge House is a place of intimate showcases, curated by writer and critic Douglas Turner.

AOT Project Salon at The Wedge House Douglas Turner The Architecture of Tomorrow

Like Vermeer’s “View of Delft”,  the Hope Street space is unique in shape, location and promise, perfect for sculptor Ian J. Carr’s work.
—Charlie Finch

 Ian-J-Carr-Beautiful Savage Magazine Standing the Test of Time Douglas Turner The Architecture of Tomorrow
In the autumn of 2014 Brooklyn-based Beautiful Savage Magazine asked me to interview Ian. At your last show “Broken Language” curated by Daine Coppola, you showed 2D work.  How has the role of drawing evolved in your work?

You gotta give it to Daine.  He saw those works during my residency at B.A.S. in Gowanus.  I left one card tacked to the wall, he took that and put his card there.  It was a pleasure working with him, I hope to work with him again.  He’s on point, and has a clear idea when choosing work, and what he wants to say for an exhibition.

As of late the drawings have become more autonomous, they’re works in themselves.  I’m proud of that.  I can make a drawing with no reference or connection to my sculptural work.  I feel like that’s a success.


MEDIA CONTACTDouglas Turner718-344-8376douglas@douglas-turner.com159 Hope St.Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

Directions: L or G to Lorimer/Metropolitan (2 block walk) // JM to Hewes // 5 minute drive from W’burg Bridge. 

(Between Union Ave & Keap St)