AOT Project Salon Artist IAN J. CARR Selected for Armory Art Week Group Exhibition—FUTURE ORIGINS

Future Origins Exhibition Ian James Carr Daine Coppola Rene Melchor Douglas Turner The Architecture of Tomorrow AOT Project Salon

Ian James Carr will participate in FUTURE ORIGINS, opening March 6th at Gallery Rene Mele [228 East 83rd St.]

Recent AOT Project Salon exhibiting artist Ian James Carr has been selected for a group exhibition. Ian will show his sculptural works in FUTURE ORIGINS, curated by Daine Coppola at Gallery Rene Mele (226 E. 83rd) Opening March 6th 7p

Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Judd, the Constructivists.  individuals and movements in art that bridge the gap between to the past. In that vain, FUTURE ORIGINS includes the work of several artists who in various ways encompass these influences with a contemporary edge.