A Personal Note on the Presidential Election

The American Life:

I view Mitt Romney and the viewpoint he represents as a threat to my Civil Liberties, and social justice. As a gay man, the conservative party thinks of me as less than, unequal, and undeserving because I do not fit in with their moral or religious values. From my perspective I am living through this generation’s Civil Rights Movement, much the same as my mother and father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, greats and on had.

I do not take the time we are living in lightly, and I refuse to “sit down.” I am every bit here; living, breathing, creation, existing on earth. This to me is reason enough to be viewed and treated as an equal. Harbor whatever beliefs you may have, but in the public sphere do not take away that which is mine by right of birth.

When you vote on tuesday, please consider not only your quality of life, but also that of others. This is why I will again vote for President Barack Obama.

Much Love

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