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In Conversation with Sculpture Bob Clyatt Sunday July 30th at Anthony Philip Fine Art

It’s been 100 yrs since Republicans have ruled the House and look where we are as a nation. 50 Years since the Civil Rights Movement with today’s most effective response coming from the Black Lives Matter Movement. What do we do now? Let’s reflect on the precious writings of James Baldwin. Join Sculpture Bob Clyatt and Social Architecture Critic Douglas Turner for a timely reading and Q&A at Anthony Philip Fine Art 56 Bogart St., Bushwick

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See Hoop, Say Hoop

Fred Duignan shares his personal accounts of the wild 80s art scene and Studio54 socialite Baird Jones, artist and friend Stephen “Hoop” Hooper and their celebrity art collection that went on the auction block at Rogallery and reported on Fox Business show “Strange Inheritances.” (Airing April 13th) The collection featured works by an over-the-top list, including David Bowie, Chuck Close, Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, James Dean, even Charles Manson.

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The Henrietta Lacks (HBO) HeLa Project Exhibition: The Mother of Modern Medicine

HBO Launches the ‘HeLa’ Exhibition in Tribute to Henrietta Lacks, the ‘Mother of Modern Medicine’, HBO and Lewis Long have brought together Derrick Adams, Doreen Garner, Tomashi Jackson, Zoe Buckman, Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich for a traveling exhibition that launched in SOHO, NYC on April 6th and will travel on to D.C. for the premiere of HBO and Oprah’s new movie, as well as Atlanta.

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Quisqueya Henríquez at VOLTA 2017

Quisqueya Henríquez has an ability to work through multiple mediums with superb execution. This year at VOLTA she showed with Barcelona gallery, Ana Mas Projects. Her various series of works are all unique to the next, yet are all guided by one set of theories that the artist is constantly developing.

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